Restaurant Dual Station II

Sprizzi Drink Company


With 2 Drink Machine Stations and the ability to output 90 drinks per hour, this beverage system is perfect for the busy peaks that mid-to-large sized restaurants face throughout the day. SPRiZZi also offers custom bottling and carrying cases with a simple fill adapter for you to serve hand-crafted beverages table-side by the bottle or glass. 

This system also allows you to have the systems installed in separate locations which is perfect for the restaurant bar combination. 

The fact that you can literally pour hundreds of flavors from the SPRiZZi Drink Machine, everybody gets what they want and you will have greater selections and healthier options. 

SPRiZZi's Restaurant Dual Station II comes complete with the following installed items: 

    • Two SPRiZZi Drink Machines
    • Two 11.5 Liter Under Counter Water Cooler
    • Two Three Stage 0.5 Micron Water Filter
    • Two CO2 Adapters for Use with 10-20# CO2 Canister
    • Two 24 Flavor Bullet Cooling Tray
    • Opening Order Comes With 480 Flavor Bullets

Estimated Yield of Between $1,500 - $2,500 Profit in Month 1 From Free Bullets

$139.00/mo for 36 Months*

*OAC. Interest Rate is 9.99% and 0% interest if Paid Within 12 Months

Collections: Restaurant Collection

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