Most Advanced

Bold Style Meets Bold Flavor



No more lugging heavy containers of bottled water and sodas. Simply select a SPRiZZi flavor bullet, place it in the SPRiZZi Drink Machine, push the button, and you’re done!


SPRiZZi offers the widest variety of your favorite beverages, from ice water to flavored waters, vitamin waters, sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, iced teas, lemonades, juices, drink‐mixers, and more!


Instant cold beverages made fresh, chilled, mixed and carbonated in just seconds! No more flat, warm sodas or stale flavors, SPRiZZi cold beverages are fresh and delicious every time.


With its tiny two‐ounce flavor bullets, the SPRiZZi Drink Machine delivers beverages for about half the cost of what you pay today for bottled water and sodas. And SPRiZZi saves space, no need to stock an entire refrigerator with bottled beverages anymore.


With its patent‐pending technology, 100% recyclable flavor bullets, reduced carbon footprint, and an 84% reduction in water usage, SPRiZZi is the most eco‐friendly beverage system on the planet – saving time, money and the earth!


The size of your average coffee‐maker, the SPRiZZi Drink Machine easily fits in your home, office or health club, connecting to existing water filtration systems and plumbing.

Our Technology

Designed by a team of engineers with backgrounds in industrial design and automotive engineering, the SPRiZZi Drink Machine is the world’s most advanced single-serve, cold beverage maker.
More than 6 years in research and development, the SPRiZZi Drink Machine has patent-pending technology and offers the most eco-friendly beverage system on the planet – saving time, money and the earth!
With SPRiZZi’s innovative design, you can enjoy all your favorite beverages, made fresh and carbonated in just seconds!