Restaurant Multi-Unit Package

Sprizzi Drink Company


This 4 Drink Machine Station solution has the ability to output 110 drinks per hour. And unlike a typical fountain unit you can pour up to 4 of the same beverages from 4 units at one time cutting down staff wait times during the busy hours.

This system does allows you to have the systems installed in seperate locations in 3/1 or 2/2 combinations if you desire. 

This is the ultimate beverage system for maximizing your beverage profits from all areas of your business. From sparkling waters to organic craft sodas, carry-out and take-home bottles, this will add a tremendous margins to your entire beverage category. 

SPRiZZi's Multi Unit Beverage System comes complete with the following installed items: 

    • Four SPRiZZi Drink Machines
    • Two 11.5 Liter Under Counter Water Coolers
    • Two Three Stage 0.5 Micron Water Filter
    • Four CO2 Adapters for Use with 10-20# CO2 Canister
    • Four 24 Flavor Bullet Cooling Tray
    • Opening Order Comes With 720 Flavor Bullets

Estimated Yield of Between $2, 150 - $3,600 Profit in Month 1 From Free Bullets

$199.00/mo for 36 Months*

*OAC. Interest Rate is 9.99% and 0% interest if Paid Within 12 Months

Collections: Restaurant Collection

Type: Unknown Type